Rates and Services - A to Z Photography

Rates and Services

All prices are subject to change. Fees are due at the time of service unless otherwise agreed upon.

Each package price includes one CD with up to 35 edited images on it with a print release.

Mileage- $.50 per mile

Within a  thirty mile radius from Odessa, MO, no mileage will be charged.  Outside out of this thirty mile radius, we charge $.50 per mile one way.  Mileage is also dependent on number of sessions in your area on that day.  Other exceptions maybe made on a per case basis.

One Hour Session - $90

This includes one hour you can have unlimited clothing changes as well as people. One hour sessions are the perfect opportunity for racers, whether they have one car or multiple cars.

Two Hour Session - $125

This includes two hours you can have unlimited clothing changes, as well as unlimited people. A two hour session will fulfill most needs from seniors to small families.

Three Hour Session - $150

This includes three hours of unlimited clothing changes and unlimited people. This is recommended for large family or group photos where many singles will be taken as well.

Event - Starting at $250.

This is for a basic 2 hour event, such as a birthday party. As the length and size of an event increase the price increases. For specific event prices please contact us as the prices vary greatly.