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All About Us

Welcome to A to Z Photography!  Ashley Duncan has been an enthusiastic photographer for many years.   In 2011, with the help and support of her family, she decided to start A to Z Photography.  

Ashley began her photography journey when she began 4-H, this led to her working with another professional photographer.  Her professional work was put on hold for a couple of years as she had personal struggles.   Thanks to her family and friends she has gotten through those trials and is ready to do what she loves!!  

Ashley cannot do everything she does without the help of her family.  They help with everything from taking photos, doing video, and helping with the everyday behind the scenes work.  A to Z Photography has truly turned into a family affair!!!

As well as her photography Ashley helps to run the family Polled Hereford farm just south of Odessa, MO.  

 Please feel free to contact her with any questions!